Daniel Radcliffe Lost His Virginity

daniel radcliffe nude on a horse

Daniel Radcliffe told Us Weekly that he lost his virginity to a much older woman... but wouldn't name who that lucky cougar was.  He said the age difference wasn't anything crazy, but definitely enough to freak some people out!  At just 16, Daniel was able to consent in the UK, but what crazed 30+ woman would attack a 16 year old? We're guessing she was pretty old and obviously wanted some young dick.  Maybe we'll find out who the lucky lady is in the near future!

daniel radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe in Equus Naked

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The big name star Daniel Radcliffe got his start as a young man in the Harry Potter series.  With millions of fans across the globe, Daniel Radcliffe is the young studly man that everyone wants to see naked.  Is Daniel hung like a horse?  We're not sure, but you can see him naked with a bunch of horses in the adaptation of Equus.  Critics have said Daniel has grown up and is a promising young actor.  Maybe he'll accidently leak a sextape and then we can all see his dick working for the camera.

Daniel Radcliffe